More than half of Brits say electoral system is “unfair”

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By: Hannah McCreesh


New polling by WeThink has revealed that 56% of British voters think the current first-past-the-post system is “unfair”. 

When asked if it’s fair or unfair for a party to control the majority of Parliament with less than 50% of the vote only 21% said it’s fair and 23% said they don’t know. 

Next, with the Reform Party averaging 16% in the polls, it is still only predicted to win no more than 1.2% of seats in Parliament. WeThink asked voters if this is fair or unfair, here’s what they said: 37% of Brits said that this is unfair, 34% said that they think it’s fair and 29% said they don’t know. 

WeThink also asked if your vote had a proportional impact on the number of seats a party had in Parliament, how likely or unlikely would you be to change your support? 29% of voters said it would be unlikely, 23% said it would be likely, 34% said it wouldn’t change and 14% said that they don’t know. 

WeThink asked how would voters view a coalition government as the outcome of an election, if smaller parties won more seats in Parliament?








Don't know

In 2019, 45.3% of voters supported candidates who were not elected and therefore received no representation. WeThink asked voters do you think these votes should or should not be used to make the election result more representative? 

  • 48% should be used 
  • 25% should not be used 
  • 27% don’t know 

 Tory comeback? 

 Michael Gove recently stated that there is still time for the Tories to stage a comeback before the General Election on July 4th. 

WeThink asked voters to tell us on a scale of 0-100%, what do they think the chances are that the Conservative Party win the election on July 4th?

The mean score came in at just 27.5%.   


Labour’s lead over the Tories dropped by two to 21 points. Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer’s net approval rose by four points to +8.

Voter Intention Tracker - 240621.png

Best PM Tracker - 240621.png

Keir Approval Tracker - 240621.png

PM Approval Tracker - 240621 (1).png


Brexit Tracker - 240621.png

Brexit Tracker with euro - 240621.png

BREXIT (All Respondents)


Re-join (+1)


Stay Out (-2)


Don't know / won't vote (NC)

This week’s poll was conducted on 20th-21st June 2024, questioned 1,270 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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By: Hannah McCreesh

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