Labour and Greens impressing voters the most, new poll says

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By: Mike Underwood


The Labour and Green parties are leading the political pack when it comes to General Election campaigning with the Tories and Reform trailing, voters say in a new WeThink poll.

More than half (58%) say Labour’s campaign has been good with Greens in second on 46% and the Lib Dems on 43%.

However, the Conservative party is at the bottom of the heap with only 28% of voters saying they have run a good campaign so far.

The Tories are 10% behind Reform with 38% saying the party has run a good campaign.

election campaigns so far 240613.png

Pollsters also found the Tories equalled their lowest-ever vote share score of 20%, 23 points behind Labour on 43% while, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s net approval score hit a record low of –35.


WeThink also asked voters if dirt bikes were a major issue in their constituency. 

  • 67% no
  • 33% yes 

We also asked if voters, their families or anyone they know have used a food bank in the past month? 

  • 81% no
  • 19% yes 

Finally, after Mr Sunak revealed that not having Sky TV growing up was one of his family’s economic sacrifices, we asked if voters had subscription TV (Sky / Virgin, etc) when they were growing up? 

  • 34% yes
  • 44% no
  • 22% it wasn’t available 


Labour’s lead dropped by two to 23 points over the Tories who equalled their worst-ever vote share since WeThink polling began in September 2022.

Voter Intention Tracker - 240613.png

Best PM Tracker - 240613.png

PM Approval Tracker - 240613.png

Sir Keir - 240613.png


Brexit Tracker - 240613.png

Brexit Tracker with euro - 240613.png

BREXIT (All Respondents)


Re-join (-1)


Stay Out (+2)


Don't know / won't vote (-1)

This week’s poll was conducted on 12th - 13th June 2024, questioned 1,297 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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Photo credit: Labour Party


By: Mike Underwood

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