Labour surge in polls to take 23-point lead

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By: Mike Underwood


Labour’s lead in the polls surged by five points as they stretched their lead over the Conservatives, a new WeThink poll has revealed. 

The Opposition now commands a 23-point lead in WeThink’s voter intention tracker as other metrics point towards a swell of support for Labour, with Sir Keir Starmer’s net approval also increasing.

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The latest polling comes after a torrid couple of weeks for the Government which has seen accusations of racism, defections, and a recent defeat for its flagship Rwanda Bill in the House of Lords. 


With Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Home Secretary James Cleverly making most of the headlines, WeThink asked voters if they knew which people held the following offices: 

Deputy Prime Minister 

Oliver Dowden.png

Oliver Dowden was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in April 2023 and replaced Dominic Raab. 

  • 83% got it wrong
  • 17% got it right 

Perhaps surprisingly, 79% of Tory voters got this wrong. Green voters performed worst with only 7% getting it right while LibDem voters performed best with 35% getting it right. 

Foreign Secretary


Former Prime Minister David Cameron was appoint Foreign Secretary in November 2023 and replaced James Cleverly. 

  • 66% got it wrong
  • 34% got it right 

43% of Conservative voters got it right. Green voters were again the worst performing with 24% getting it right while LibDem voters led the way againt with 51% getting it right.  

Health Secretary 

Victoria Atkins.png

Victoria Atkins was appointed Health Secretary in November 2023 and replaced Steve Barclay. 

  • 86% got it wrong
  • 14% got it right

Only 15% of Conservative voters got this right. Again, Greens performed worst with only 5% correctly identifying the Health Secretary, while the LibDems appear to be the most well-informed with 30% getting it right. 


After the House of Lords rejected the Government’s latest version of the Rwanda Bill, we asked some key questions around the policy:

Rwanda - 240322.png


At the start of 2023, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said new laws to stop small boat crossings was one of his five key promises. We asked if people thought he’d failed or succeeded in delivering. 





The Government officially launched its plan to phase out smoking by raising the legal age limit every year. We asked if people supported or opposed this?





The words ‘economic growth’ have been bandied around by all parties lately as they begin to woo voters ahead of this year’s general election. We asked if people think Labour can deliver growth if it wins?

  • 37% yes
  • 33% no 
  • 29% don’t know 

Mr Sunak this week claimed the UK economy will ‘bounce back’ in 2024. Do you believe him? 

  • 70% no
  • 30% yes 

As theories and headlines continue to rampage about the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, we asked if people cared... 

  • 68% no
  • 32% yes 

Meanwhile, Network Rail came under fire for posting an Islamic religious message on its public information boards at King’s Cross Station this week. We asked if people think it’s appropriate to display religious messages on public transport noticeboards? 

  • 60% no
  • 24% yes
  • 16% don’t know 


Voter Intention Tracker - 240322.png

PM Approval Tracker - 240322.png

Keir Approval Tracker - 240322.png

Best PM Tracker - 240322.png


Brexit Tracker - 240322.png

Brexit Tracker with euro - 240322.png

BREXIT (All Respondents)


Re-join (-1)


Stay Out (-2)


Don't know / won't vote (+2)

This week’s poll was conducted on 21st - 22nd March 2024, questioned 1,270 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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By: Mike Underwood

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